Surgical Instrument Care

Surgical Instrument Longevity Through Proper Care
Your purchase of OrthoMed, Inc. instruments represents a considerable investment. By following these guidelines you will protect your investment and ensure many years of productive and satisfactory performance.

General Instructions

New Instruments

Newly purchased surgical instruments must be cleaned, lubricated and autoclaved immediately before use.

Correct Use

Obvious as it sounds, it bears repeating: Instruments are designed for a particular purpose and should be used only for that purpose. Even the strongest instrument can be damaged when used inappropriately, i.e., when a rongeur is used to cut wire.

Water and Stainless Steel

Ordinary tap water contains minerals that can cause discoloration and staining. Therefore, we recommend the use of distilled water for cleaning, disinfecting, sterilizing and rinsing instruments. To avoid staining, use a cleaning solution with pH near neutral (7).

Aluminum Trays

To avoid development of “aluminum salt” on your Al-trays, use only distilled water in your autoclave. Already developed “aluminum salt” is very difficult to remove which might cause damage of the anodized Al-surface. Any instrument or tray should be cleaned of debris with a non-acid detergent (neutral pH) prior to autoclaving.

Surgical Instrument Guarantee

OrthoMed, Inc. instruments are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects of material or workmanship. This guarantee is void if instruments are not maintained or repaired properly, or if they are not used for their intended surgical purpose. Tungsten carbide inserts on scissors, needle holders, and wire cutters are guaranteed for three years. Replacement parts, such as springs, are guaranteed for one year.